What’s in a name?

It’s the first thing any rookie blogger has to do: give that baby a handle. Like many a word-lover, I’ve named plenty of things, from pets to cars to (jointly with the fella, bien sur) my two kids. Dog: Green Trouser; car: a white Mazda 808 called Gertie; offspring: Pudding and HP.

But this blog-naming lark is tricky. Like a racehorse’s name, a blog name must be unique. Unlike a racehorse’s name, it’s more effective if the name conveys something about its contents. (Ooh, imagine if racehorses were named that way, it would make race-calling kind of Gothic: “And it’s Five Tonnes of Hay pulling up on the inside, then came Blood Guts Brain, followed by Future Pot of Glue”. Sorry. I do tend to digress.) So, I wanted a blog name that would both roll off the tongue AND stick in the brain. And yes, I know that such a feat is, if not anatomically impossible, then at least kind of icky.

Lots of the obvious choices for a word-nerd were already nabbed, including Wordnerd itself. Wordlover? Tagline “Loving nature while living with fear”. Wordly? Owned by a nerd coding a new blogging platform. Wordworld? Written in a language I can’t read.

So, I started getting a bit more lateral. Scribblemania? A lovely pic of a snowy branch, but no content. Textify? Hello, Spanish conceptual artist, may your endeavours flourish! Hmm…I know, Dotcomma! This was going to be the name of my editing business, mainly because I wanted to answer the phone with “Our website is dotcomma, dot com”. Damn! Yet another blog with a ‘wordy’ title but very little content, does this bode well or ill? I gave up and went to bed.

When I logged on the next evening, it came to me. Readshesaid. And I was content. I love a bit of ambiguity, and what’s more, the name told me what I should blog about. That ‘she’ in the middle is the key.

So here goes.

What do you think?

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